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Bringing Yoga to Kids

in Childcare and Early Learning Centres

Nourishing Teachers

to Nurture Students

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What we do
Our team of experienced and dedicated teachers bring weekly kids yoga classes to preschools and early childhood centres 

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Our NESA accredited 1 day workshop for early nourishes teachers while providing them with easy-to-use tools to bring calm into the classroom

Why Kids Yoga

  • Offer an extra-curricular activity valued by parents (and especially mothers)


  • Lead the way in helping children manage stress and anxiety


  • Improve and encourage good posture by strengthening torso and upper back muscles 

  • Provide children with ADD and ADHD natural tools to bring calm and quiet to their daily experiences

  • Teach tools for "tuning in" as opposed to the regular "tuning out" through constant attachment to electronic devices 

  • Increase demand and enrolments in your centre

  • Give your centre an edge by aligning with the benefits and growth of adult yoga in Australia

Mother and daughter in a yoga pose
Yoga is the fastest growing sport in Australia and mothers lead the pack.
Roy Morgan Research 2016

A Calm Classroom 

Yoga, breath & Mindfulness for kids

  • be nourished - manage your own stress & wellbeing

  • bring calm into your classroom

  • easy & simple tools to weave into every day

  • NESA accredited

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Waratah NSWGovt Two ColourHiRes_IMG_v01.

I can honestly say, hand on heart, this has been the most engaging, informative and enjoyable course I have been on this far in my teaching career. It was incredibly relevant, useful and I believe will truly enable me to enhance my students' school experience.

Usually I sit in PD courses watching the clock but this course flew by. I leave feeling calm, relaxed and ready to use my new skills with my students. Not something I can often say on a Monday afternoon.

Thank you Beth!

Georgia, Double Bay Public School

About KarmaKidsYoga

Founded by Beth Borowsky


With a Masters in Early Childhood from NYU, and over 1000 hours of Yoga training including kids yoga, adult yoga, yoga therapy, and meditation, Beth has created a kids yoga program and teacher training that nourishes teachers while gifting children with strength, flexibility and mindfulness.

Studies show that stress and anxiety amongst teachers is sky rocketing and children, from a very young age, are showing increases in anxiety.


By offering the KarmaKidsYoga programs to children of all ages, you will be helping your students develop essential tools for managing anxiety, social interaction and emotional and physical development.

Established in 2005

Taught yoga to over a thousand kids

NESA Accredited Educators Training

Trained hundreds of adults

Operating across the Sydney region

Dedicated team of kids yoga teachers

Karma Kids Yoga_054.jpg
Giving Back - taking Kids Yoga to Africa

In July 2017, KarmaKidsYoga travelled to Rainbow Ridge Orphanage in Tanzania to work with the children and train the staff so that they too can benefit from the gifts of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Our thanks and gratitude to all those who supported us getting over there! 

Need more details or request a free class?

We'd love to come to your centre and show you why Kids love Yoga!

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