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How we got here

My love for movement and dance began at 5 years old when I enrolled in my first ballet class. Dancing throughout my school years, it was only a matter of time before I began my yoga journey. I have been practicing yoga for 30 years and teaching for 12.


I graduated with a Masters in Early Childhood teaching from NYU and spent the first 20 years of my career combining my interests in education, child development and psychology in a variety of ways. I have written a Literacy Program for years K to HSC and have worked for international companies training staff and supervisors in teaching literacy, as well as working with children to enhance their literacy skills.


In 2005, I created KarmaKidsYoga with the intention of enhancing children’s lives with the many gifts of yoga. To date, I have completed over 1000 hours of yoga training including yoga, yoga therapy and meditation, Next Generation Teacher Training for 2 to 13 year olds and the Radiant Child Yoga Program Levels 1, 2 and 3 (infant to teens) For a full Training Biography, please visit JustBreatheYoga.


In 2006 I created Fun with a Twist - Kids Yoga Teacher Training - for adults who want to learn how to teach kids yoga.


To date, I have taught yoga to thousands of preschool aged kids and trained hundreds of adults through the Fun with a Twist Kids Yoga Training.


In 2015, with the growing demand for quality kids yoga in childcare centres, I created a specific workshop for Early Childhood Educators to enhance both their own understanding and experience of yoga, and how it promotes wellbeing, and to give them the tools and skills to weave yoga into their classroom day and thereby help their students to reduce anxiety, ease transitions and become stronger, more flexible, calm and focused. I am so pleased that the course is now a NESA accredited workshop, allowing teachers to gain Professional Development points towards maintaining their teacher accreditation.


KarmaKidsYoga unites my passion for yoga with my respect for children and their willingness to explore with their body, mind and spirit. Having practised yoga for over 30 years, I know too well the extraordinary benefits it brings to one's body, mind and spirit. 


My hope is that every childcare facility will offer yoga, meditation and mindfulness to their students so that, from an early age, they develop resilience and compassion with which to navigate through the ups and downs of life. Our mission at KarmaKidsYoga is to create a positive experience that the children will carry into adulthood, and to encourage them to feel good about themselves both inside and out.

I hope that you will invite us into your Centre so that we can share the many joys and gifts of yoga with your students.

Beth Borowsky
Founder and CEO 
Meet Our Team
All our teachers are:

Trained in kids yoga and the KarmaKidsYoga program

Working with children check approved

First aid approved

Passionate about kids and yoga


Jill Day

I am a qualified adult and kids yoga teacher and have been teaching yoga to both since 2005.  I have always believed that yoga should include an element of fun and this could not be more true than for kids' yoga classes.  I also have BFA in Drama/English from New York University and I love to incorporate elements of creative story telling, drama and movement into my kids classes so that they can explore the creative sides of themselves as they move their bodies to the rhythm of their breath.


As a mother of 2 young children, I rejoice at being a part of a team that brings yoga into kids' lives. I wish that was the case when I was at preschool!

Emma Schapel

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and have completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training, as well as the KarmaKidsYoga Teaching program. After studying a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at Macquarie Uni many years ago, I thought how wonderful it would be to share the magic I have experienced on the yoga mat with children, and help them to learn and discover the power of mindful movement and breath.


I love teaching creative expression through movement and breath work in a fun, imaginative and joyful way. It's such a pleasure to cultivate the natural creativity and enthusiasm that children bring to the yoga mat. Their curiosity and freedom in movement are gifts to be nourished as they will guide them in all aspects of their lives as they grow.   

Shahrean Joseph

My love for yoga runs deep. I started practicing yoga at the age of 3 under the guidance of my mother and late grandfather who lived in India. I really enjoyed yoga as a young child and continued with my personal practice as I got older. I strongly believe that I was able to get through the stresses that come with being a teenager and adult much more easily because of my yoga practice. Everything I learnt and practiced throughout the years had set the foundation for my life as an adult.

I have since been teaching yoga for over 10 years and together with my background in Psychology, aim to use yoga as a tool to provide strength, calm and balance to children and adults. I have 2 kids of my own and I can already see the positive impact yoga has on them. It is also such a great outlet for their creativity, imagination and playfulness (which is something we could all tap into a lot more too! 😊)

Karen Griffin

I have five wonderful children and a lovely little granddaughter and love the way that practising yoga makes me feel. 

I have been teaching children for over eight years and absolutely love what I do. I love to see the growth in a child, and how willing and open they are to new experiences. I get to see, firsthand, how yoga encourages children to be more confident, to be more compassionate to others and to become more aware of how their bodies work and move.


Life is so busy for all of us, adults and children alike, so be offered the many gifts of yoga, deep breathing and time to be quiet is a privilege for us all!

Tania Jackson

Kia ora! Yoga has been in my life since a young age. My love for movement as a means of self expression, and being able to release tension and emotions from the physical body and mind, has been invaluable.

I am very passionate about teaching yoga to children due to the endless benefits it offers them, encouraging self-awareness and as a great tool for finding focus, peace, calm, and joy. I believe children are our greatest teachers too!

Being a mother of two young children, I cherish the many gifts that yoga teaches us, above all to truly enjoy the present moment, and the magic that is always there waiting for us to savour and share together. 

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Min Carroll

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​I grew up in the country and have been teaching yoga for seven years.  As a mum of four I have a unique insight into making yoga - and vegetables - fun.  I love to sing and make up rhymes and songs with my students as we learn about our breath, and we explore the ways we can balance and move our bodies in space with imagination and concentration. 

Rae Thorneloe

I love sharing the joy of yoga with kids. What a privilege it is for me to teach kids about how their bodies can move together with their breath to help calm their minds. It’s amazing to observe a room full of excited and busy little people come onto their mats and still themselves in readiness for our sessions - truly amazing! I’m a Mum to two very sporty and active boys and an equally sporty and active husband. I’ve been practicing yoga for 18 years, have completed the KarmaKidsYoga training and have recently completed my Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training.


It’s funny because as I write this, I’m thinking about the lessons I learn from my kids yoga classes every day. Maybe they’re teaching me more than I’m teaching them!?  

Marianna Rose

Having experienced the life changing benefits of yoga myself, I believe it is too great a gift not to share. I first started yoga after an injury from a high pressure job and the results, both physical and mental, were amazing. Since then I have completed my 200 hour teacher training for adults and my Karma Kids training with Beth. 


I am passionate about early education and constantly inspired by the love, joy and curiosity children bring to the mat. I believe that learning such great tools at an early age will enable the next generation to change the world, one namaste at a time!

Mia Hetherington

​With a devoted background in ballet, both in study and teaching, Mia has loved movement from a very young age. It was through injury that her ballet career had to end which led her to begin practising yoga. It was just a matter of time before she included Yoga Teaching studies with her Pre and Primary School teaching degree.


Mia loves working with children and enjoys watching them grow in strength and character from all that she shares with them.  She believes that Kids Yoga is the perfect way for every child to get moving as well as to clear their busy minds, and loves sharing the many gifts of yoga with her young students.

Nicole Ezra

I am a yoga teacher who is dedicated to bringing yoga into the lives of children. I love learning and inspiring children to learn, feel happy in their bodies and develop a sense of curiosity. I like to bring laughter into everyday situations and I am open to whatever life has to offer!

I am lucky to have had yoga in my life since I was very young. I love sharing the wisdom and many benefits of yoga with others, especially children, so they can set the foundation to carry with them throughout their lives, as I have done.

Diane Yeun

Hopefully, our golden years are our childhood years; fondly remembered and lived as the most carefree and fun-filled; a rich exploration, where the brain and co-ordination develop exponentially. 

It is my pleasure to help nourish and nurture these tender years where good habits are introduced and lifelong tools are learnt early in life.  This brings me to the most important tool we can teach children - the lesson of loving oneself!


With a life in the corporate world for 15 years, I made the career change to yoga teaching after the birth of my first child and haven't looked back. In 2017, I became certified with Next Generation Yoga children’s yoga in 2017 and cherish my work sharing kids yoga to many children.


Yoga fills my heart, it allows me to experience the power of stillness with deep awareness of breath and my senses. These are gifts that I cherish and I look forward to sharing them with your children.

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