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Fun and purposeful yoga classes in primary schools.

Students engage with mindful breathing, mindful movement & mindfulness as part of their PDHPE program.

Aligned to the school curriculum, we help students develop essential life skills needed to thrive in today's ever more stressful world.

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Why is yoga and mindfulness
so important for primary students?

Our primary aged kids are stressed like never before. Anxiety, depression and meltdowns have never been so widespread.


Social media and screen addiction is an ever-growing and scary reality, leading to a myriad of problems that include, but are not limited to: 

  • poor social-emotional development 

  • poor quality sleep  

  • depression + anxiety 

  • impaired emotional comprehension 

  • increase in aggressive behaviours 

  • limited self-regulation and resilience skills 

  • poor posture - compromising breathing + digestion 

1 in 10 children aged 6 to 11 now meet the criteria for diagnosable anxiety
Dr Vanessa Cobham,
University of Queensland
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BIG benefits of yoga for primary school students

  1. Builds strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. 

  2. Improves memory, focus, attention span and academic performance. 

  3. Teaches mindfulness, emotional regulation skills and strategies to calm their minds when they feel angry, frustrated, anxious or upset.  

  4. Builds resilience and coping skills by helping children to identify and manage stress.  

  5. Nurtures self-esteem and increases self-confidence through non-competitive classes where everyone and every ability is celebrated. 

  6. Celebrates diversity and builds community by cultivating kindness and compassion


Yoga classes aligned to PDHPE

We tailor our yoga classes to suit your PDHPE curriculum needs.  

  • Delivered by our qualified kids yoga & mindfulness instructors.

  • Fun yoga classes with a clear purpose to support PDHPE.

  • Classes during school hours.​

  • Weekly classes for either part of, or a whole term.

  • Age-appropriate classes often grouped by individual years or  K to Y2 and Y3 to Y6.


Extracurricular yoga classes

Bring the benefits of yoga to your school outside-of-school hours.

  • Fun yoga and mindfulness classes with a clear purpose and theme. 

  • Before or after school, or at lunchtime.​ 

  • Offered weekly, for a whole term. 

  • Age-appropriate classes, often grouped by K to Y2 and Y3-Y6.​​ 

  • Flexible payment options - for schools or parents.

Find out more about our OHSC classes.


Flexible options for incursions

Bring yoga and mindfulness to compliment your school event.

  • One-off class for a special event 

  • Wellbeing week – we offer half day or full day sessions 

  • End-of-year special events

  • Before or after school yoga classes 

  • Online zoom classes for kids and teachers 

We’re flexible! Contact us and we’ll tailor our classes to best meet your special event. 

Flexible options to suit your school

Research shows:  School-based yoga cultivates competencies in mind-body awareness, self-regulation and physical fitness which leads to improvements in students’ behaviour and academic performance.  Teacher resilience and the overall classroom climate benefit too. 

Let's chat about bringing yoga and mindfulness classes to your primary students.

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Some of the schools we work with

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Acknowledging the importance of wellbeing on children's learning and development

My Time Our Place MTOP framework diagram

The My Time, Our Place framework for school aged care in Australia 2.0

The Karma Class wholly supports the MTOP Framework and specifically outcome 3 - 'Children and Young People have a strong sense of wellbeing'. 


Primary school children need experiences that nurture their capacity for building social + emotional skills, developing healthy lifestyle habits and encouraging physical wellbeing.


We call these 'tools for coping - skills for thriving'. 

Our yoga and mindfulness classes are purposefully designed to give children valuable skills that last a lifetime.​ 

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