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Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) activity spaces where primary school children unwind from their day with yoga and mindful experiences.

We help students develop essential life skills needed to thrive in today's ever more stressful world

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Bring yoga and mindfulness
to your OSHC primary students?

On-site, OSHC yoga and mindfulness classes allow children to unwind from their school day and nurture their body and mind through movement, breath and mindful experiences. 


Each class creates a unique kids yoga experience by combining: 


  • traditional yoga techniques 

  • breathing exercises 

  • stories 

  • music 

  • imagination 

  • mindfulness 


Our OSHC classes are much more than 'Disneyesque' entertainment, encouraging primary children to discover their inner potential in a non-competitive and inclusive environment and to feel good about themselves, both inside and out.  

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  1. Builds physical strength, flexibility, balance + co-ordination 

  2. Helps manage stress + anxiety  

  3. Improves + encourages good posture  

  4. Teaches tools to manage mood swings + bring calm  

  5. Minimises challenging beahviours 

  6. Improves focus, concentration + learning outcomes  

  7. Increases mental wellbeing  

  8. Cultivates resilience  

  9. Nurtures compassion, empathy + kindness

  10. Builds community 

The benefits of yoga for primary age students

Flexible options to suit your OHSC

After school yoga + mindfulness classes for OHSC

Designed for students to unwind from their school day with purposeful yoga, breath and mindfulness experiences.

  • Taught by out qualified children's yoga teachers.

  • Flexible to fit in with your service and the number of students. 

  • Age-appropriate classes often grouped by years K to Y2 and Y3 to Y6.

  • One-off or weekly classes within school term.

  • School holiday classes available.

Let's chat about bringing yoga and mindfulness classes to your OSHC.

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