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Fun and purposeful kids yoga classes in
early learning centres.

We combine traditional yoga techniques with stories, music, imagination and visualisation with to create a unique movement experience. 

Tools for coping. Skills for thriving.

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Why is yoga and mindfulness so important for early learners?

Imagine - when you were 3 - you were introduced to your Magical Breath, and that this magic inside of you could help you to feel less worried or angry, less scared or sad. 

Increasingly, kids as young as 3 are showing signs of stress and anxiety. Screen addiction is on the rise, creating a myriad of problems – tantrums, poor posture, digestive issues, poor sleep and an inability to self-regulate and manage those ‘bigger feelings’ (to name just a few!). 

It’s affecting the way they learn, listen and play. 

Giving young children opportunities to pause and engage in YOGA - fun, purposeful mindful breathing + movement - helps to build their resilience and nurture mindfulness while cultivating strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. 


BIG Benefits for Little Kids

  1. Develops balance, strength, flexibility + body awareness 

  2. Creates awareness of their magical breath 

  3. Supports self-regulation + self-soothing skills 

  4. Increases concentration, focus + attention 

  5. Nurtures imagination + creativity 

  6. Builds self-esteem + confidence in a non-competitive environment 

  7. Fosters kindness + co-operation 

  8. Develops tools for managing stress + anxiety 

  9. Nurtures compassion – for self + others 

  10. Tends to physical, mental and emotional development


Weekly Kids Yoga Classes

Each class combines traditional yoga techniques with breathing exercises, stories, imagination, music, and mindfulness to create a unique kids yoga experience.

  • Delivered by qualified kids yoga instructors.

  • Fun classes with a purpose!

  • Aligned to school terms.​

  • Age-appropriate sessions - 15mins & 30mins.

  • Flexible payment options - for centres or parents.

  • Aligned to Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). 

Kids Yoga Incursions

Are you celebrating something special at your centre?

Whatever your special event, we make it that extra bit special with our fun and purposeful kids yoga classes. 


  • Centre opening/promotion

  •  Mother's and Father's Day

  • International Yoga Day 

  • Harmony Day 

Let us know about your event and we’ll tailor our classes to meet your specific requirements. 


Yoga for Educators

Do your educators need tools to manage stress, create calm and feel stronger in their body? 


Our educator classes are suitable for all levels of experience and flexibility and taught by experienced and passionate adult yoga teachers. 


  • Easy to follow sequences to relax the body. 

  • Learn how to use breath to calm and energise. 

  • Discover ways to de-stress and increase energy. 

  • Weekly or monthly classes. 

We’re flexible! Contact us and we’ll tailor our classes to best meet your special event. 

Our programs - we come to you!


See our Classes in Action

Suzie, a preschool teacher, talking about the impact of our yoga and mindfulness classes on her children (32sec)

Hear from Kim, a preschool teacher, sharing her experience of our kids yoga classes (35sec)

Hear from these early learners about why they love our yoga and mindfulness classes (20sec)

Let's chat about bringing kids yoga and mindfulness classes to your centre.

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Some of the brands we work with

Fairfield best start

Acknowledging the importance of wellbeing on children's learning and development

Early Years Learning Framework EYLF2.0 - Belonging-Being-Becoming

The Early Years Learning Framework 2.0

The Karma Class wholly supports the increased focus on wellbeing in the revised Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) 2.0 Outcome 3 - Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

Children cannot learn (or play) when they are hungry and weak, distracted, angry, upset, worried, anxious or scared.


They need regular classroom experiences that nurture their capacity for building social + emotional skills, healthy lifestyle habits and physical wellbeing – tools for coping; skills for thriving. 

Our kids yoga classes are purposeful designed to support Outcome 3 of the EYLF giving children valuable skills that last a lifetime.​ 

We believe early intervention is key to children's wellbeing cultivating tools for coping and skills for life.

As stress and anxiety continue to infiltrate our daily lives, it's critical that we give our kids health and wellbeing tools to support them throughout life’s ups and downs.

Research shows that children who are introduced to yoga-based movement, breath and mindfulness from an early age are better able to cope with social/emotional challenges as they grow.

Our classes are designed to support whole child development and wellbeing.​

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