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Cultivating essential wellbeing skills
- grounded in yoga, breath and mindfulness -
for children and young people.

What differentiates yoga from other large motor activities is its additional focus on deep breathing, mindfulness and meditation.

These more mindful experiences build resilience, and equip children and teens with tools to manage anxiety, stress and social challenges.

In a world of increasing stress and complexity, simple movement, breath and mindfulness practices can have a profound positive impact on our mental health and physical wellbeing.​ 

These benefits - evident from a wealth of empirical knowledge available to us from disciplines like meditation, yoga and Tai Chi - are backed by a rapidly growing body of scientific research in fields ranging from  education, to physiology and neuroscience.​ 

Working together to regulate our central nervous system, movement, breath and mindfulness are the basis for simple, effective techniques we can draw on every day - valuable tools for coping and essential skills for thriving.​ 

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Sharpens concentration + attention, cultivates compassion for self + others, creates the space for inspired learning + play.​ 


Calms the nervous system, re-oxygenates brain + body, improves focus, enables self-regulation.​ 

Releases muscle tension, boosts mood, reduces impulsive behaviours. 

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  1. Builds physical strength, flexibility, balance + co-ordination 

  2. Helps manage stress + anxiety  

  3. Improves + encourages good posture  

  4. Teaches tools to manage mood swings + bring calm  

  5. Minimises challenging behaviours 

  6. Improves focus, concentration + learning outcomes  

  7. Increases mental wellbeing  

  8. Cultivates resilience  

  9. Nurtures compassion, empathy + kindness

  10. Builds community 

The benefits of yoga for children and teens

Purposeful classes that make a positive
difference to children and young people's wellbeing

Our yoga classes are purposeful and evidence-based, specially designed to cultivate a strong physical, emotional and mental scaffolding for children and teens.

Students build a toolbox of health and wellbeing skills to support them as they navigate their way through life’s challenges.

Having such skills to draw from bolsters children and young people’s overall physical and mental wellbeing, and inspires future generations of resilient, compassionate, creative and critical thinking adults.

Yoga is most popular with women between 25 and 34, AND it's these young mothers who will be choosing their kids childcare.  

Source: Roy Morgan Research 

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Want to know more?

If you are a school, OSHC or early learning leader, teacher or parent looking for more information, please get in touch.

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