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Teen yoga classes give high school students essential skills to manage stress & anxiety, improve focus and support learning.

They also cultivate strength, flexibility and balance.

Aligned to the school curriculum, we help students develop essential life skills needed to thrive in today's ever more stressful world.

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Why is yoga & mindfulness so important for high school students?

There is growing evidence to suggest that Australian youth experience very high stress in schools, which has negative impacts on their academic performance and mental health. Mindful based yoga programs in the US are showing tremendous positive results in reducing stress and anxiety amongst students. 

The practice of yoga and mindfulness goes a long way in supporting high school students to manage their stress and anxiety. 

Here’s how! 


Our purposeful classes are specially designed to support high school students’ mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.  

A typical yoga class incorporates: 

  • Mindful breathing – using controlled breath techniques to support the nervous system back to calm 

  • Yoga poses – a variety of poses that include twists, forward + backbends, balancing, strengthening + toning to build strength, flexibility and balance. 

  • Mindful practices - focusing awareness on the present moment; acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts, + bodily sensations without judgement. 

  • Meditation techniques – guided or self-guided  

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  1. Teaches tools to manage stress + anxiety  

  2. Improves focus, concentration + memory 

  3. Cultivates emotional regulation 

  4. Improves mood + social interaction 

  5. Cultivates empathy, kindness + compassion – for self + others 

  6. Improves self-image + self esteem 

  7. Supports management of negative emotions  

  8. Energises + invigorates - to support learning 

  9. Nurtures the belief “I am enough!” 

The benefits of yoga for high school students

Yoga classes aligned to PDHPE


We tailor our yoga classes to suit to your PDHPE curriculum needs.  

  • Delivered by our qualified kids yoga instructors.

  • A purposeful experience in yoga, breath and mindfulness.

  • Aligned to curriculum outcomes.

  • Offered during school hours.​

  • Weekly classes for either part of, or a whole term.

  • Flexible class length to suit curriculum.

Extracurricular yoga classes


Bring the benefits of yoga to your school outside of school hours.

  • Before or after school, or at lunchtime.​

  • Offered weekly, for a whole term.

  • New themes introduced every two weeks.

  • Age-appropriate classes grouped either by individual years or Y7-9 and Y10-12.

  • Flexible payment options - for schools or parents.

Flexible options for incursions


Yoga and mindfulness to complement your school event.

  • One off classes for a special event.

  • Online Zoom classes for teens and their teachers.

  • Wellbeing event - half or full-day sessions.

  • Classes to nurture clam before exams. 

  • End-of-year special events.

We’re flexible! Contact us and we’ll tailor our classes to best meet your special event. 

Flexible options to suit your school

Research Shows

  • One in seven young people aged 4 to 17 years experience a mental health condition in any given year. 

  • Almost one-fifth of all young people aged 11 to 17 years experience high or very high levels of psychological distress. 

  • Suicide continues to be the leading cause of death for young Australians. 

Beyond Blue 


 Offering yoga and mindfulness classes in high school helps to support young people's mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Let's chat about how our yoga and mindfulness classes can support your high school students.

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