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Our Purpose

To teach children and young people essential life skills - grounded in yoga, breath and mindfulness -
so they can thrive in our ever more stressful world.

Our Story

Beth Borowsky founder Karma Kids Yoga

Our teachers bring purposeful yoga classes to your school or centre

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Karma Kids Yoga was founded by Beth Borowsky, a passionate mother, educator, and former Montessori preschool teacher, renowned for her expertise as one of Sydney's leading children's and adult yoga instructors and teacher trainers.

To date, Beth has completed over 1200 hours of yoga training including kids and adult yoga, yoga therapy and meditation.  Beth's vision is dedicated to fostering health and wellness among educators and students through meticulously crafted, evidence-based programs rooted in the transformative power of Yoga, Breathwork, and Mindfulness.

Our story commenced in 2005, as Beth embarked on a mission to introduce yoga classes to preschools.  Later bringing onboard passionate, like-minded yoga teachers, Beth has ignited a transformation that has since led us to emerge as a recognised and accredited service provider across early learning centres, primary schools, OSHC and high schools.

Over the past decade, groundbreaking strides have been made in understanding the profound impact of yoga and mindfulness on holistic child development and academic success, fostering calm learning environments conducive to growth.

Drawing upon this wealth of evidence-based research, Karma Kids Yoga delivers purposeful kids yoga and mindfulness classes that offer much more than 'Disneyesque' entertainment. 

In 2017 Beth launched The Karma Class, a business offering teacher professional development wellbeing programs in addition to kids and young people's yoga classes.

In today's educational landscape, global research recognises the vital importance of nurturing the social, emotional, and physical wellbeing alongside academic pursuits.


Karma Kids Yoga wholeheartedly embrace this ethos, nurturing the next generation of resilient, compassionate, and critically thinking adults.

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Educator Professional Development

We are part of The Karma Class group, providing wellbeing PD programs that empower educators with easy-to-use techniques to help them manage stress, overcome daily challenges and create a focussed, calm and ready-to-learn classroom climate.  

Let's chat about bringing yoga and mindfulness classes to your school, early learning centre or OSHC.

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