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Bringing yoga and mindfulness to kids and teens in early childhood, OSHC and schools Australia wide.

Healthy movement, breath and mindful experiences that promote strength, coordination, resilience, focus and calm.

Essential skills for living in today's ever more stressful world.  


We come to you!

Established in 2005, our team of fully qualified and passionate kids yoga teachers will come to your school, OSHC or early learning centre. 


For remote regional locations we offer live online classes with our teachers.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Post showing movement, breath and mindfulness

We understand how movement, breath and mindfulness work together to manage stress and promote wellbeing.

Yoga, Breath and Mindfulness Classes
+ incursion options

We offer purposeful classes designed to encourage children and teens to learn and develop daily wellbeing skills to support their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as they navigate the ups and downs of life. 

Classes are aligned to the EYLF and MOTP frameworks and support the PDHPE curriculum.

A unique extra-curricular incursion that improves mental, emotional and physical wellbeing in a single activity.

Managing stress and anxiety

Helps manage stress and anxiety

Encouraging good posture

Encourages and improves good posture

Managing mood swings and bringing calm

Brings calm and helps manage mood swings

Ideas to improve attention span and focus

Improves attention span and focus

Developing balance and coordination skills

Develops strength, balance and co-ordination

Lovely feedback about our teachers

Hi Beth

I'm Chloe's mum and Miss Rae is her teacher at Lane Cove.

I wanted to thank Rae for the amazing work she does with the kids. The way she structures the classes is just wonderful and Chloe loves doing yoga with her.

She does yoga at home to show us what she's learnt at preschool, and we love it!

Kind Regards Susan

Hi Beth

I hope you are well, I just wanted to say how much we enjoy having Min here with us at North Ryde, the children really enjoy her sessions and the educators in the room think she is amazing!  


Emma Louise

Centre Manager
Greenwood North Ryde

Thank you so much for the yoga session with our rugby boys.


They responded so well to the session and are certainly keen to continue working with you! 

Sarah Glassie

Knox Grammar 

Interview with Channel 10

Beth Borowsky interviewed by Channel 10: Why yoga is such an important activity for children and young people.

“Half of all mental illness has it's onset by the age of 12.  1 in 7 Australian primary students suffer from a mental illness every year.”

Smiling Minds:

State of Mind white paper 2021 


“Never before has there been a more important time to introduce Yoga-based, Mindful Movement, Breath and Mindfulness into every classroom”.

Beth Borowsky

Founder and Head of Wellbeing Education

The Karma Class

Looking for purposeful yoga classes that offer children and young people holistic wellbeing experiences and important life skills?

Thanks for submitting!

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