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Positive Me visualisation



Early childhood children can be lying on their back if space permits.

Primary students can be sitting at their desks with feet on the ground.

If you are able, spray some cedar room spray or burn a woody essential oil to create a woody atmosphere.


Visualisation - to be read in a calm voice, slow rhythm


Get really comfortable and begin to focus on your breath. Inhale a slow and deep breath and exhale slowly. Take 5 deep breaths in this way. Feel your body relax and your mind calm.


As you continue to breathe in, feel your belly swell like a balloon; as you breathe out, feel your belly balloon deflate. You may want to give your balloon a colour.


When you breathe in this way, your magical breath helps you feel less stressed, upset, scared or nervous. It tells our body that everything is okay no matter what else is happening around us.




Everyday, when you wake up, take 5 of these magical belly breaths and imagine yourself having a wonderful day, all day, at school. Imagine yourself listening and enjoying every lesson and being excited about all the new information you are learning. See yourself playing with your friends, making new friends and helping each other.


When you imagine having a wonderful day, you most likely will! It’s called setting an intention for the day. An intention is what you’d like to happen so if you intend for something great to happen it most likely will! When you think positive things, your life becomes more positive because your attitude is more positive. Positive people live happier and healthier lives and great things keep happening to them because they are positive.




Take a few moments to create an intention for the rest of your day. See yourself doing the things you really want to do, being with friends who make you feel good about yourself and participating in class with enthusiasm and kindness.




Make a promise to yourself that each school morning you will take 5 deep balloon belly breaths and set an intention to have a great day! On the weekends, you get to choose entirely different things!


Slowly start to bring yourself back to the present, back into the classroom to continue your day. There’s no rush. Start to wiggle your fingers and toes gently. Hear the different sounds inside and outside and bring your attention gently back into the room.


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